January 3, 2017

How many times did your mother say to you “Don’t play with your food” ? Well, what we thought was a bad thing can indeed be a good thing when we are trying to get our children to eat different …

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Easier Said Then Done…..

December 29, 2016

I know we all have heard this phrase a hundred times when dealing with life in general but more particularly when we are talking about child rearing. How many of you have heard of a way to deal with an …

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The Gift of Time

December 22, 2016

The Holiday break is perfect for spending some quality time with your kids.  Doing things as a family can definitely help your communication skills with your children and it can bring you closer as a group.  Also, it’s a lot …

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How do we as Parents deal with the Digital World??????

December 14, 2016

Let’s face facts, our lives are pretty much consumed with technology and the use of a variety of digital devices. We use them and our children use them. How do we incorporate this digital technology in our parenting?  Should we …

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A holiday prevention gift from parents to kids

December 6, 2016

‘Tis the season for sharing important messages to our young people about alcohol by Emily Moser . “The holiday season is here. With it come gatherings with family and friends. For a segment of parents, these get-togethers are a time …

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