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Drinksgiving – the start of the holiday drinking season

November 16, 2022

It’s a real shame that a holiday which focuses on family is marred by the relatively new phenomenon “Drinksgiving”, wherein young people get “basted” at the local bars on Thanksgiving eve. To learn more about this click here

Thanks + Giving

November 10, 2022

Thanksgiving is a time for family to gather. The real meaning of the day is thanks + giving — so in order to make the day  a little special here are some conversation starters, games and activities that will help …

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Stay Safe This Halloween

October 29, 2022

This year kids will be out in droves trick or treating.  They will be running back and forth between houses. Make sure you check out these tips to keep them safe. Click  on the picture to read

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This is a great video from that provides a three step program to help parents prevent underage drinking.