Story Telling at the Dinner Table

June 4, 2016

As you know, we at LM RADAR are all about communication when it comes to preventing risky behaviors by teens.  The best place to have conversations are at the dinner table, or for that matter the breakfast or lunch table. …

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Self Image and the Monster Social Media Has Created.

May 25, 2016

Do you have a teenage daughter? If the answer is yes, did you ever see her take a selfie? Of course you have.  The new era of technology has armed our teens with the tools they need to get instant …

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Really, Doctors?

May 11, 2016

Every day when you turn on the news or read the paper or a magazine you will inevitably find a story about pain pills or heroin. It has permeated our lives. I don’t think you could find anyone who didn’t …

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STEM-tastic returns to the Sound Shore

May 3, 2016

STEM-tastic Saturday – May 14, 2016 from 11am to 5pm at Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, NY – is a festival extravaganza celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and even Art. The day offers a full range of irresistible “touch, do, test, …

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Help RADAR – Give Local WP

May 1, 2016

You saved the fields, you saved the Tigers, now it’s time for you to give your support to RADAR.  Our final year of federal funding will come to an end this September.  We need to ensure that the downward trends …

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