Easier Said Then Done…..

December 29, 2016

I know we all have heard this phrase a hundred times when dealing with life in general but more particularly when we are talking about child rearing. How many of you have heard of a way to deal with an …

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How do we as Parents deal with the Digital World??????

December 14, 2016

Let’s face facts, our lives are pretty much consumed with technology and the use of a variety of digital devices. We use them and our children use them. How do we incorporate this digital technology in our parenting?  Should we …

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Winter Blues

November 30, 2016

Well the days are getting shorter. Soon we will be driving to and from work in the dark. It is kind of depressing but can it really affect you? Yes it can and it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). …

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The Rise of Marijuana

November 16, 2016

With the recent election having some form of marijuana legislation on the ballot – medical or full recreational – one has to wonder if those seeking its passage think at all about the effects this drug has on our young …

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Is Social Media On a Downswing?

September 8, 2016

In this age of technology, social media has, for the most part, replaced face to face communication for young people. Teens are on their smartphones 24/7, posting, checking their “likes”, taking photos, etc. In fact, you could go into a …

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