A New Twist on Resolutions – Ones for the Dinner Table

January 9, 2016

We here at LM RADAR really believe that family meals can make a difference in your relationship with your children.  It is that time in the day where everything comes to a halt  for a bit and you are able …

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A Teen’s View on Social Media

January 7, 2016

Do you really know how much time your teen or tween spends on social media? Click here to watch an interesting video that give you some answers. Also go to the following site to get an in depth look at …

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This Year Make Resolutions as a Family

December 30, 2015

Every year most people make a few resolutions for the new year. In most cases, they are aimed at getting rid of bad habits or doing something positive. Unfortunately, most of them fall by the wayside within a month’s time. …

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Family Check-Up – Have You Done One Lately?

December 28, 2015

While the kids are home for winter break, why not use this time for a “Family Check-up”. Click here to get some sound advice  and parenting skills to use with your teens when discussing substance abuse issues.  Remember,  PARENTS MATTER!

Happy Holidays from RADAR

December 26, 2015

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