We Can’t Say It Enough – Family Meals Are Key To A Healthy Family

June 25, 2018

If you’ve been following us, you will know that we put a lot of stock in family meals.  Being together and talking is the best way to connect and learn what’s going on in everyone’s life.  We can give you …

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Summertime Can Be Deadly

June 12, 2018

We all think of summertime as a fun time, filled with sunny days, trips to the beach, outdoor concerts and other enjoyable things. And we should think that, but we also have to keep in mind that this is one …

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To Juul Or Not To Juul, That Is The Question.

May 16, 2018

The newest e-cig to hit the market is the Juul. One look at it and you will realize who it was designed for – teens.   To learn more about this phenomenon click here

Exploration Is The Key To The Teen Years

May 7, 2018

The teen years are  filled with questions.  What type of person am I? What do I want to do with my life? etc. Teens are constantly exploring what life is and what it offers to them. As a result they …

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Drug Take Back Day – April 28th

April 25, 2018

ON THE RADAR: Drug Take-Back Day Event, Saturday, April 28 at Larchmont Village Hall Lobby AND at the Town of Mamaroneck Police Department, 10 AM to 2 PM Mark your calendar! Our community Drug Take-Back Day is right around the …

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