Young People Use Social Media to Educate Their Peers on Smoking (Tobacco & Vapes)

November 13, 2015

With National Smoke Out Day coming up, we thought it would be a great idea to show you what the millenial community is up to on this issue. Please Click here to see what young people are saying about smoking and how …

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New York Marijuana Law is Expanded

November 12, 2015

As you know, New York has passed a medical marijuana law and is in the process of implementing same in early 2016. Governor Cuomo today passed a bill to provide marijuana in an expedited manner to those in dire need. …

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Suicide & Substance Abuse is the Reason for the Increase in Mortality Among ………..

November 7, 2015

 White middle aged Americans. This revelation is somewhat shocking as the mortality rates for other middle aged individuals in the U.S. and abroad are declining.  Why then is it happening in this particular group of people. The New York Times …

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Texting vs Sleeping

November 5, 2015

If you have teens or tweens,  you probably spend an inordinate amount of time on week nights telling them to get off their phones or iPads or take out the earbuds and do their homework.  The usual response is ” …

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A Great Resource on Opiates

October 29, 2015

Opiates are clearly an issue in today’s society. More and more people, especially youth are using opiates, getting addicted and turning to heroin. What do you know about opiates, aside from the news blurb you see and hear through the …

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