Did You Know….

September 21, 2015

If you put a group of parents in a room and asked the question ” What is the best way to prevent your teen from getting involved in drugs and alcohol?” , you would, in most instances, get differing opinions. …

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Are Family Meals a Panacea ?

September 18, 2015

We are closing in on Family Day, a day which touts the benefits of a family dinner.  I myself have found the benefit of having meals with my children. Sometimes not dinner because of our hectic schedules but a meal …

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Distracted Walking can be a Killer!

September 16, 2015

We, as a society, have become ever vigilant about impressing upon our children that texting while driving is wrong and should not be done ever – no exceptions. We do so in light of the tragedies that have occuring in …

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Family Meals – A Must!!!!!

September 10, 2015

On Monday September 28, 2015, families across the country will sit down together and share a meal to celebrate Family Day – an event started 15 years ago by CASA Columbia to strengthen families and curb underage drinking and substance …

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9 is the new 13

September 4, 2015

Just a decade ago, we were starting underage drinking prevention with 12 and 13 year olds.  Well, that has changed Nine is the new Thirteen. According to a recent article, children at the age of 9 begin to think about …

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