Town of Mamaroneck Drug Take-Back Day

April 25, 2015

On three dates in May, residents can bring in their unused or expired medications for safe disposal. Why should I participate in Drug Take – Back Day? The answer is pretty simple – it’s safe, good for the environment and …

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Drugged Driving is on the Rise

April 23, 2015

Drugged driving is surpassing drunk driving in high school seniors and college students.  The shift can be attributed in part to the effective prevention efforts surrounding drunk driving but it can also be attributed to the fact that young people …

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Powdered Alcohol – What Will They Think Of Next

April 15, 2015

My question is simple – Why do we need alcohol in powdered form. The owner of the company Palcohol will tell you it’s for convenience but I just see a lot of downside to this product. The potential for abuse …

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Does Social Media Affect Your Teen’s Social Skills?

April 9, 2015

It’s not uncommon to hear adults say that because of the new technology and social media, kids are becoming socially inept. They have their heads buried in their phones and rarely have face to face interactions. How are they going …

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Drinking Responsibly: Not Within a Teen’s Abilities

April 7, 2015

For years I have heard the same phrase over and over by parents who think they know how to solve the problems associated with underage drinking , “I am going to teach my child how to drink responsibly”. Unfortunately, responsible …

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