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I truly wish I didn’t have to deal with this subject anymore but it is still here. The pandemic has caused problems for everyone especially in the family dynamic. Click here to read a great article on navigating through these …

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Halloween this year falls on a Saturday, so you can bet there will be a lot of parties going on. many of these parties will be unsupervised so make sure you have a talk with your teen. Click here for …

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By now we all know that binge drinking is bad for your health but did you know it can affect your cognitive brain function? This is especially true for teens and young adults. Click here to read and interesting study on …

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I posted this last year and the year before and am doing it again this year as the issue is still relevant today. We spend a lot of time talking to our children about risky behaviors and why they should …

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A New Normal

September 16, 2020

We are all entering into new territory where are daily lives are being drastically altered. Working at home is the norm, virtual schooling is now how we learn. No face to face encounters unless we are masked. No social gathering …

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School will be opening soon with hybrid type of learning methods. Click here for some good tips on how to handle this situation with your child.

College and Covid

August 15, 2020

Is your teen heading off to college this Fall? During the pandemic college life will be a little different with a host of safety protocols in place. Be prepared – READ this article.

COVID Parties? Not True

July 14, 2020

Once again the media is trying to spread hysteria about young people intentionally trying to get Covid19 at drinking parties. There is simply no proof of such actions by young people and is similar to the “pharma parties” about 5 …

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When the world began to shelter in place, the news was filled with accounts of groups of teenagers hanging out on the beach and being scolded for their selfishness. Adults told them to grow up and use good judgment and stop being …

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Teen drinking during the pandemic is a real problem. Boredom for teens is probably the number one reason. Watch this video for some good info and advice.