Danksgiving – What is it?

If Blackout Wednesday wasn’t bad enough, over the past few years another day surrounding the Thanksgiving holidays has been dedicated to alcohol and substance abuse – it’s called Danksgiving. It has been defined as a holiday traditionally held on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Danksgiving is a celebration and time to get high.

To this end, many Danksgiving meals are prepared, often some spin-off of Thanksgiving foods but typically with marijuana and/or alcohol being incorporated into the ingredients. Pot brownies, potatoes with cannabutter, cranberry jello shots, vodkamelons, and of course the Danksgiving Turkey are cooked in a communal setting, and then consumed all at once during the traditional Danksgiving Feast.
Heavy drinking and smoking marijuana are encouraged throughout the entire day of Danksgiving, especially in the form of group games that emphasize getting as high as possible. This is yet another recipe for disaster. In addition to alcohol poisoning and overdoses, impaired driving can and will occur.