Here’s An Idea. An Alcohol Free Graduation Party.

images-15-150x150Well, many of you probably said that you wouldn’t think of serving alcohol to your high school graduates and their friends. And that’s a start, but what I am talking about is not serving alcohol to anyone, including the adults attending the party. I bet not as many of you agree with me on this but hear me out. We, as parents, are role models for our children. The old adage, Monkey See, Monkey Do, rings true when it comes to parent- chid relationships. So by not serving alcohol to your adult guests (they can all forego a drink for a few hours) you are sending the message to your child that you can celebrate without alcohol. And that’s a good thing!

I also suggest that you have your graduate help plan the party. By involving them in the decision making process, they will have ownership over the festivities and insure that their friends will have a good time.

But just because you are hosting an alcohol free party, doesn’t mean others will too. So is is very important that you have that talk with your child about your expectations for them. Click here for some good advise.