Mission Statement

Larchmont-Mamaroneck RADAR (LM RADAR) is a coalition of local organizations and individuals committed to effecting long-term change in our community by reducing the use of alcohol, drugs and other harmful substances by our youth. LM RADAR facilitates changing societal norms through the use of multiple research-based strategies to help our young people make healthy choices and avoid substance abuse.

The coalition, directly and through coordination with its local partners, aggressively pursues a number of initiatives that address our specific challenges of substance use by Larchmont-Mamaroneck youth. Reducing substance use/abuse is a collective responsibility that is best addressed at the community level by changing the environment and the community norms within which our youth make choices about tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, illicit and prescription drug use.

Our belief that the whole community must be engaged and feel ownership of the substance-use problem is grounded in the prolific research data emerging over the past decade in the prevention area, and our efforts are informed by the positive outcomes that other like-minded communities have effected in their approaches to the prevention of substance use. Prevention works, and we are committed to it.