Really, Doctors?

medical-symbolEvery day when you turn on the news or read the paper or a magazine you will inevitably find a story about pain pills or heroin. It has permeated our lives. I don’t think you could find anyone who didn’t know about this problem. Today, I read an article about doctors and opioids and I was disturbed at what I read. In the face of an epidemic, I read that doctors and the FDA don’t feel that physicians have to receive training when dealing with the prescribing of opioids nor do doctors want to put an extra few minutes in to check the databases being set up in many states to see if the person they are about to prescribe a pain killer for has just received them from another doctor or has “shopped around” lately for the drug. Granted, not all doctors feel this way but REALLY shouldn’t they all want to embrace it.   Click here to read a great article on the subject.