Story Telling at the Dinner Table

vegetables-italian-pizza-restaurant1-768x515As you know, we at LM RADAR are all about communication when it comes to preventing risky behaviors by teens.  The best place to have conversations are at the dinner table, or for that matter the breakfast or lunch table. Everyone is together and the opportunity to talk is optimal. One prerequisite has to be the absence of any cellphones or ipads. The subject matter of the conversations isn’t really that important. What is important is that everyone participates. Parents need to go first to get the ball rolling but know when to stop and listen. Family lore is a great place to start and believe it or not, your children love to hear stories about your relatives, past holidays, etc. Not only does it engage your children but they learn your family history to pass on to their children when the time comes. Click here to read a great article on the subject.