Why is Pokemon Go So Insanely Popular?

pokemon-goThe answer is pretty simple – it is on your phone- a device which is almost always on a teen or young adult’s person. It is essentially a technological appendage. The inventors of this viral, augmented-reality game hit the jackpot with millennials, as the Pokemon craze occurred when they were tweens and teens so there is a nostalgic allure to the new app. For the present day tweens and teens, it is a cool interactive game that they can play from their phone. Sweet!

However, there are drawbacks to this app like allowing full access to the information on your phone – a bummer. But most importantly, it is a severe distraction to the user as they are so engrossed with catching a pokemon they walk into traffic or other people, look down while they’re driving, trip over things, etc. Other risks include being directed to unsafe places or onto private property, and even becoming a target for assault or robbery.  A player’s location and name are also broadcast to other players. Plus the game drains phone batteries quickly.

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